Tuesday, 25 September 2012

17k & 25k Results 2012

Irish Long Distance Swimming Association 17k Championship,

National 17k Championship (Swim Ireland)

& 25k Challenge Swim

Lough Erne

04 August 2012


ILDSA 17k Championship & National Championship (Swim Ireland) 17k

1st Female: Alison Cardwell ILDSA- 4 Hours 26 Minutes 13 Seconds

1st Male: Paul Manning ILDSA- 4 Hours 48 Minutes 09 Seconds

ILDSA 17k International Section

1st Colleen Blair (Scotland)- 4 Hours 57 Minutes 58 Seconds

25k Challenge

Kathryn Mason (Butterfly)- 9hrs 40mins 

William Ferguson Guernsey Masters who swam 20k of the Challenge.

Many thanks to:

Fermanagh District Council including their Sport Development Officer, Christine McCann and the Chairman of their Sport Advisory Committee, Keith Collen.

Peter Scott, Head Boat Support Crew.

Keith McDonnell (Extreme Ireland) & Aidan Murphy (Hidden Belfast) Boat Support Crew.

Erne Paddlers and each of the canoeists.

Manor Marine.

David Irving for the Certificates.

Patrick O’Byrne.

Finally, to the committee for their teamwork on the day, without which, the event would have been impossible to operate. 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Irish Long Distance Championship 17 km & The National Championship 17 km (Swim Ireland)
Lough Erne
Saturday 04 August 2012
Carrybridge Co Fermangh Northern Ireland to Enniskillen Lakeland Forum Northern Ireland

The Erne system comprises the Upper Lough, the Lower Lough and approximately 12km of river joining the two Loughs.

The location in all it’s beauty offers the Irish Championship at 17km Open Water Swim.
It is the longest Open Water swim on the Irish Swim Calendar and as well as acting a huge and significant goal in the championship it has acted as a stepping stone for the longer events such as the English Channel and beyond.

Fresh Water swimming is on the up in Ireland and this race attracts participants for far and wide, where the country is surrounded by challenging water and coastline the inland waterways have a equal challenge to its swimmers.

The lake in its nature is quite challenging and the temperatures vary at 14deg upwards but the freshwater is very dependant on the climate as the water running off the land can really affect the water temperatureFine weather can equally increase the temperature.
The Irish Record is held by Colm O Neill Dublin, in 3hrs 46mins a mere 14 minutes slower than the course record held by Simon Lee England at 3hrs 32mins significantly both set in 2003. Weather has a lot to play in Open Water.

Lough Erne itself has hosted some amazing challenges including a 50 mile relay challenge since 2007 initially set by world record holder Julie Bradshaw,MBE  Nuala Moore Cochrane and their team at a fantastic 22hrs 12mins and despite several attempts through the years the record was finally broken last summer with a super team including Fermanagh man Graham Little, Colin Hill and their team.

So if it is the Irish Championship that is attracting you, canoeing, supporting or the thoughts of challenges bigger than the 17km Lough Erne is the place for you.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Short History

At Lough Erne - Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland

First held in 1991 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the ILDSA, the event has been running every year with great success for 22 years (2012).
As the Silver Jubilee year approached the committee agreed that something would have to be done to celebrate the anniversary and a special event seemed the most appropriate and Lough Erne was suggested as a good venue.
In 1990 a meeting was arranged with Fermanagh District Council and several committee members travelled to Enniskillen to meet Mr Rodney Conor, the CEO at the Town Hall.
The event was outlined and discussed with Mr. Conor who was keen to have such a swim in Lough Erne. A distance similar to that of the British Championship was favoured and after looking at a map of Lough Erne, a course from Carrybridge to Enniskillen seemed to present the required distance. The course was safe and sheltered for most of the way. An engineer from the DOE measured the course at 17km (10.55 miles).

At a later date the committee again travelled to Fermanagh where the Council provided a boat and driver to take the committee on the water so they could approve the course.

The Championship has attracted swimmers from North and South of Ireland, England, Scotland, USA, Australia and Europe, and the ILDSA has recently been granted approval from Swim Ireland to name it the Irish Championship and many swimmers use the event as training preparation for the English Channel and other long swims.
Fermanagh District Council and their officers have given great support over the years as have Waterways Ireland, and it would have been difficultto have run the event for so long without their help and support, and for that the ILDSA is extremely grateful.
After the Championship each year a dinner is provided for swimmers, canoeists, boatpeople and everyone connected with the swim. This is followed by the presentation of awards and a social evening.

Billy Wallace,

Friday, 16 March 2012

 About us

The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association was formed in 1966 and held its first season of events the following year, both North and South of Ireland, at a time when open water swimming was generally and relatively unknown. From small beginnings the ILDSA over the decades has expanded greatly in size and stature and now has an International reputation. We are a club that is affiliated to Swim Ireland and the British Long Distance Swimming Association. ILDSA is known to all the Governing Bodies of swimming worldwide.

Any swimmer wishing to be part of ILDSA can therefore also take part in all the Swim Ireland OW swim calendar throughout the country. Any enquiries to the website.

The ILDSA, from a small number of events on its calendar in their first year, has now over 20 annually, ranging from the short “starter” swims to encourage newcomers into open water, to the Irish Championship, a distance of 17km, which is used by many people as a preparation for longer swims such as the English and North Channels. Our Lough Sheelin swim acts as a fantastic preparation for the world famous Lake Zurich swim which 5 Irish Swimmers competing this year. The sport has grown tremendously all over Ireland with events to suit all ages and abilities. The ILDSA also offers advice on swimming in cold water, training methods, encouragement and support.